A couple of sketches, please critic!-Edited-

OKay here goes again. First one is a KObe shoe. Idea came from his nickname black mamba, the shoe raps around the ankle, leg like a snake.

And finally a simple Jordan shoe. Wanted to do somethin new with the shape, mix the smooth curves and sharp lines. And I took some ideas from guitars.

Sorry for the wack pics, didnt have access to a scanner so I just took pics of them. ANy comments, critics welcome. ANything that would help me improve![/img]

it would be a lot easier if you embed your images in the post. also, i would see if you can make a clearer scan. its hard to comment when the sketch is in focus and you cant read the notes.


Your overall proportion/shape is actually pretty good.

Take a look at some more the pics posted around here, or on Yo’s site, and work on more detail and lineweight (thick vs. thin lines).

Also see if you can get access to a scanner.

Id also suggest to work on more drawings, and present your thought process to help judge where you are at. At this stage, while you are still learning, its better to do and show 50 drawings, then only one.

keep up the good effort!


more, more sketches…