A couple of projects.

Hopefully you’ll take some time and view the images b/c I can’t get them to work :confused: . Comments and stuff would be helpful, but this is some older stuff for me.
Ok, so I went to the beach at the beg. of my summer and this is what I came up with:
-Nike Lanier Foam
– Revive foam line, a technology no1 else has.
– Major cues/inspiration from Penny 3 and Foam Pro.
– Inspired by Lake Lanier and the open blue sky. No limits, free flowing (like foamposite). Abstract interpretation.
– Upper foam inspiration = ocean. Each foam panel acts as wave rolling in. Literal translation.
– Midsole inspired by Air Max Sensation. ← Midsole // full-length air setup. Also toe “swoosh.”
– Revolutionary foamposite → Strap inspired by Revolution strap.
– 3/4 Mesh inner bootie.
– Flex groove above toe for flexing.
– Jewel swoosh on ankle.

I wanted to do something for the late Steve “Pre” and I thought what better than to incorporate Free tech. Ere it is:
-Nike “Pre” 4.0
– Comemerative shoe for the late great Steve Prefontaine. Running, style, lightweight = FREE.
– From Free 5.0 to “Pre” 4.0.
– Polyurethane (PU) lateral support foot frame inspired by running motion. Better lateral allowance than Free 5.0.
– Heel pocket, no heel counter.
– 3M “PRE” logo on tongue if shoe.
– Speed lacing, “Pre” pull loop.
– All synthetic upper, mesh vamp / tongue.
– “Footprint” inspired vent slits on upper.
– No sockliner.
– Unique phylite midsole.
– 24 (Age of death) flex grooves.
– Initial split midsole to prevent plantar.
– Heel missing on midsole, heel surrounded by zoom setup.
– This takes 5.0 to 4.0, major difference. Thin toe midsole.
– BRS 1000 rubber strips where needed (outsole).

what up matt, it is good to see you posting here you should get some good direction, but 1st you have to get those pics to work, i doubt most of the people here have the time to copy-n-paste to look at your stuff…

now if you could just get a scanner…

I couldn’t get your pics to work either. It must be the server you are using. Imageshack.com is a great one.

Ok, 1 more time. Ade, I think I’m gonna get a tablet (any advice) b/c when I go off to school scanners will be accessible.
Nike Lanier Foam

Nike Pre 4.0

Finished project.

I’ll post more recent stuff sometime this week, all this is about a month and a half old.

the nike pre looks nice. I like also to see the idea splash page of your thoughts. one thing I would look at is the cuts in the material. if you look at the nike free’s the cuts in the material were placed in key loactions for movement. did you think about this when placing?

glad to see more work beeing posted-good stuff

here is an example of the original sketch of the free’s :


Honestly I never thought about the slits as a functional use other than venting and aesthetics. Ok well thx, any1 else though?? I need help, you can see that :blush: .

My suggestion would be to move further away from the known universe. Most of these look like variations on existing ideas, I want to see that you are pushing the boundries and moving beyond the expected. Keep going dude, keep going.