A Chinese student asking for help

Hi! I’m a 17 year old middle school student in China.My dream is to be a car designer.I can be a top student in “gaokao”(Chinese college entrance exam),but I’m not quite good at art.
I’ve got a target of getting a master degree at HS Pforzheim in the future,but I can’t decide where to get a bachelor degree.
I don’t want to bring my parents too much financial stress(We get no more than 30,000$ annually),but I want to go to top schools(Are there any except for those frequently mentioned schools such as HS Pforzheim,ACCD,CCS,IED,IAAD,UMEA…??).
Should I go to schools in Europe or America?
Is there Scholarship?
Should I just stay in China? How are Chinese design schools known to you?
In a word,what I get is strong determination,preparation for great efforts(because I went through Chinese high pressure education),but no much money…
Thank you very much for answering!!!

DengLiu…When will you enter high school?

Sorry…I made a mistake,I’m at high school

I can say that Europe has some fantastic schools for Automotive Design. I know here in the UK we have the RCA (Royal College of Art) as well as Coventry University which have fantastic reputations for that field of design. Many of today’s chief designers will have come from either of those two institutes, and I know Coventry has very good links with, Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, Morgan to name a few!

Some universities that may be new to you and out of the mainstream media.

In Europe: Université de Saint-Etienne, France and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique will give you a small city experience with rigorous creative training. Many graduates work in transportation. English language is used in the classroom and foreign students from China are welcome with specific programs for incoming Asian students.

In the US, Academy of Art University has a mature transportation program. Many graduates there go to work for GM and other small custom shop firms. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area where Tesla, Google and Apple are at the forefront of automotive design futures. The University of Cincinnati has a transportation track program that includes a number of internships you will gain along with your degree. A very good value as it is regularly ranked #1 undergreduate design school in the US. Both programs are good for skill building.

In Korea: Hong Ik University has many graduates working in transportation all around the world. Seoul National University of Science and Technology has the CLOTHO car club for its undergraduates and places many graduates in local Korea car companies (KIA, Hyundai, Samsung/Renault, SangYong, GM/Dawoo)

India has a lot of upcoming schools that will be maturing by the time your get to school. Dsk in Pune is one of them. http://dskic.in/

In China: Hong Kong Poly has vastly improved their undergraduate program. This is the program I would suggest highly for you as you will get exposure to international faculty and culture at an affordable tuition price. If you wish to work in the Asian market after your study, you need to have a foreign degree as Asian markets tend to devalue degrees from native Asia schools.

Use your undergraduate years learning about other people, cultures and how technology is impacting them. Build your understanding of how people and transportation markets interact and behave. Then, when you get to Pforzheim, you can apply that experience to your graduate design skill training and portfolio building.

Good luck…