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nice site, I like how the site is a series of slide shows. Its also great to see a lot of hand sketches. It’s rare to see so many concepts, especially in the Opus project, it is refreshing.

What’s up Bertrand!

Your website is very clear. I like that on one page we can see all your projects. With a lot of project!!!

Nice work guy! :smiley:

Hi Bertrand

I think your website is very cool!
clear, nice design, and slide shows.
and also, awesome your design stuff.
“Dustbin” is my favorit :laughing:

This is my first post in a while…I have been pretty under the weather for a while. Anyway…The portfolio is definitely a step up from somethings I have seen in the past. I really love the “just copy it” and the “Dior Athletics” exercises. Your portfolio shows a wide range of skills as well as a solid thought process. Great job! Are you currently working or are you still in school? Your work looks pretty “mature” to still be in school.

Take care

The design team for the Nike ONE was pretty much Phil Frank ( http://www.phil-frank.com/ ) the guy is a machine and a great designer. He asked me to throw down some concept sketches with him to help out in the ideation stages and he ran with it from there. It was great to have the opportunity to work with him because he is so prolific and focuses.

On the Air Jordan XX1, Jay-Carter did a lot more on it than I (Jay did the traction pattern and other details) but the lead designer was D’Wayne Edwards. He is our Design Director and a great mentor and designer. I contributed a few early blocking concepts and detailing ideas on the outriggers, but it was a pretty minor role…

Thanks for the call out, see you around the boards.

Yes Reptkeu you’re right :smiley:

like it a lot man…well constructed and has a very nice flow to it where others usually bore me and I switch off…! Like a lot of your eyewear, especially the adjustable mood glasses, brilliant pictures!!!

burnsie :open_mouth: