A/C Parts

Anyone know where I might be able to source parts similar to those shown in the pics below? I would love to find something off the shelf as opposed to having to get them custom.


Have you checked with cord set manufacturers in China and Taiwan? We used to deal with TD Power in China. They make transformers and AC/DC adapters. Maybe you can find a source.

Are you looking at buying a few for samples to be made in Canada or for production?

All I have done is a web/google search so far. The one thing I hate about that, is the amount of crap you have to wade through to get to anything that resembles decent quality.

Ultimately, we need the parts for production.

Of course, we need samples, and small production run volumes for the first 6 mos to a year with the delusion of grandeur of needing huge volumes once the world starts buying the product in droves.

Have you checked the Thomas Register?

Haven’t checked Thomas Register yet. I don’t know why, but I always forget about TR.

Thanks for the brain kick-start.

electronic components suppliers have all sorts of these spade terminals, although the pictured ones look custom shape.