A BIG problem!! Can I be still accepted?

the deadline of applying for Pratt was Jan. 5th.

But I applied for it today (Feb, 1st)

But it says, on website, they still accept people if the selected major is not full.

My major is industrial design.

You think it’s gonna possible to be accepted?

Call the admissions department.

Depends on which program you applied into and also whether it’s graduate or undergraduate. Design management accepts applications after the 5th.
I’m not sure about the others…the website is very clear on deadlines for each department.

They (schools/business) often have a soft deadline (what’s advertised) and hard deadline (the official unannounced date, that could be days or weeks after). All varies depends on the school/business. It’s best to contact the school itself to be sure.

My guess is, a place like Pratt is swimming with applications by now. Take Yo’s advice and call the school. Sometimes all it take is a phone call.

Anything on here is just speculation, the answer is a phone call away…

It all depends on where they are at in the review process and how their review process is organized. It is possible that they review in order of date submitted in which case you could still be considered but you will not know unless you contact them directly. Good luck.