88 Billion dollar bank account...

From Yahoo this afternnoon:


[the text] When Paul Fischer checked his bank account Friday night, he had a happy surprise. His balance had exploded to $88,888,888,888.88. A very lucky number indeed, and close to $89 billion.

Of course, the balance was a technical error by SunTrust Bank (NYSE: STI - News), which quickly fixed the problem. It also may have occurred in other accounts.

“You say, ‘Eighty-eight billion, what can I do with that?’” said Mr. Fischer, who owns a jewelry concessionaire for Florida theme parks. “Maybe a handful of us could have brought down SunTrust Bank.”

Mr. Fischer had other ideas as well. Before the problem was fixed, he asked a SunTrust rep if he could move the money to an interest-bearing account until it was reclaimed and donate the interest to charity. Total interest: more than $7.3 million.

The bank said no.

The money was stripped out of his account by Saturday morning.

“It’s all gone. I’m poor again,” he said. “I was a billionaire for five hours.”

This kind of bank error happens frequently. But Mr. Fischer raises an interesting question: What if, for five hours, you truly did have $89 billion?

What would you do with the money? The ground rules are that you would have to give the money back — and whatever you bought or invested with it — after five hours.

So, dezinegers … what public service, concept, product, etc. could you buy, do, or invest in that you could not be forced to return?

Start a NFP in Africa that allows me to live there and teach industrial design processes to the Makers, hopefully inspiring and helping people like William Kamkwamba who wrote the book “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”


That is a very large amount of money in a bank. This might be a great amount to invest in some business.

How about just buying TONS of food for all of the schools, shelters, needy in your area. You could do that in 5 hours, and it is hard to take back food… especially if some of it is in people’s belly’s

I’m pretty impressed that it would rack up 7.3 mil in five hours. I wouldn’t give back the interest, they messed up it’s their problem.

If I had a cool 89bil, I’d fund more public art and architecture, and other culture things. Do something with homeless people, and poverty world wide (who wants like $13.50?)

I’d bail out some banks…oh wait, I’m already paying for that.

But it says you have to get the 88 billions back after Five hours

I would join this challenge for five hours :

finish to convince a few billionaires to join and then leave :wink:


Or all on 22. If I hit that would be nice.

(3,111,111,111,080 from the original $88,888,888,888)

yes the casino, might work