87zero's 2014 Luxury Furnishings Design Challenge

Hawai’i is one of the most famous, celebrated, and desired places to live on earth, and our culture, ‘aina (land) and people are so unique, that design, which is a reflection of culture and lifestyle, should be entirely individual as well.

Although we do have some very good interior furnishings that tell this story… There is a growing desire for more looks, styles, and interpretations of what is Hawai’i, Luxury, and Modern.

This design challenge seeks to create new, fresh, modern furniture and furnishing collections, that are branded by our islands and reflects our values, virtues and passion for Hawai’i.

The challenge for the 2014 competition: Develop a concept and definition for the term “Hawai’i. Luxury. Modern”. The result of this concept should finally be translated as a piece of furniture, furnishing, or home accessory fulfilling the function of the category it is intended for.

There’s royalties to the winners, as well as the opportunity to develop furnishings for premiere projects in Honolulu.

87Zero seeks to discover new talent and fresh ideas, so designers, artists, architects, and creatives - show us your best!

For more information on rules, prizes and to register, visit http://87zerohi.weebly.com/luxury-furnishings-design-challenge.html