80's style Casio watch

Hi guys,

I’m looking for this very 80’s looking wrist watch from Casio.
It looks kind of like this:

I’ve seen somewhere that Casio did a re-edition of it in different colors. It looks very simple, I remember one very well made out of all-white plastic.
I’m looking for this new edition, not for the original watch.
After a long research, no way to find it over the internet.

Help anyone?

love those. they are all over hong kong if you happen to be going through there or know someone who is. last time i was there i picked up a few of the gold metal ones.

if you google “casio databank” there seems to be quite a few hits. sure you could find them on ebay or elsewhere.

most of the ones i’ve seen are the databank models which have more features than the one you picture. not sure if they did remake that basic model.


I work with engineers who still wear that Databank watch, so I don’t think ironic retro-fashion would work around here just yet…

never underestimate the power of hipster-retro-irony.



also try growing a mustache. :wink:

actually, that was my xmas holiday activity. im working on a “John Waters”, but its thicker at the moment. somewhere between cop and John Waters, I’d say…


Thanks for all the replies.
The model I’m looking for seems to be the F-91W
Though I can’t find the “ironic” edition…
Maybe I just dreamed of it last night… :cry:

Thats great,

i might use that and combine it with an immaculately trimmed zimbardo - goat

(stanford prison style)

this thread is begging for a watch / facial-hair combination contest… anyone

I predict the “walrus” will be the must-ache of 2008.


Googled Casio F-91W and this is what I got:

You mean a Lanny McDonald?

or the mythbusters jamie hyneman guy,


Words cannot describe the power of that man’s moustache

im laughing so hard it hurts… AWESOME!

I’m currently rocking the Casio A168WA-1QY:

It’s got just enough understated retroness and was the cheapest watch I think I’ve ever bought, plus you’ve gotta love the name, it just roles off the tongue… Also comes in gold if you game.

For the official month of Movember I was rocking the full Selleck special:

Magnum! Yes!

Higgins had a decent 'stache too.

I chew through watches for some odd reason. I just can’t seem to keep one for more than 4-5 months before it a a scratched and scarred mess. And after some disappointments with a Starck an several Alessi’s I’ve been thinking about buying a dozen classic black and white Swatches.

This is my current watch. It was cheap, I think under $60 about six years ago. I’ve always gone for metal bands, as they are more resistant to chemicals and x-acto blades. I think my taste is the antithesis of Oakley.

As for facial hair, has anyone noticed that there is no presidential candidate who supports facial hair? What a sin. I guess this is anothing area where Canada is in front of the US:

NDP party leader Jack Layton sporting a 'stache.

some retro-irony from casio (mostly collabs)