8" x 16" portfolio

Hey I spent a great deal of time putting together my portfolio at 8 x 16… Is this size ratio going to be a big issue later down the road. It is obviously digital but I want someone to be able to print it out if they need to. It would fit on a tabloid size sheet fine? Id like to get as much feedback as possible . Thanks alot Here is an example layout

Is it an issue, not necessarily - but anybody whos printing on a tabloid printer will wonder why you wasted all that extra space. :laughing:

Also, the size isn’t very optimized for a computer screen aspect ratio, which means if they’re viewing it on screen you’ll also have wasted a lot of usable real estate.

If theres a specific reason why the 2:1 aspect works really well then stay with it. Just keep in mind any portfolio case you use is going to need to be made yourself.