8.4 PIO luxury football (soccer) boot

I normally very much dislike posting the same topic to more than one forum, but am really excited about this one, and know the footwear/softgoods forum is off the radar for some people not in the industry so thought i’d post again here.

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the latest football boot from humel ive been designing/developing for the last 8months or so is about launch soon and ive just posted some first pics and info on my blog,


Thought I would also take the opportunity to share here as well.

Ill be posting some design sketches and process work in the next few weeks on my blog (and here too if I have time), so check back soon.

Also, more info to come.

Any comments, or questions on the boots are also more than welcome.



Just posted some more complete pics of the project -

First Pullover: 8.4 PIO FGX Unboxing.

As mentioned earlier this was really a complete project and I worked on not only the footwear design, but also all product graphics, packaging, marketing, etc.

A great experience really being able to control the complete user experience.


Wow, really nce follow through on all the support stuff from sock liners, to in box graphics. Very complete… nice folio piece!

Cool, thanks. Ya, I pretty much take all the projects through from end to end like this.

With such a small dept and amount of resources, I really need to do all those extras like packaging, hangtags, product graphics, sockliners, and also catalog design and art direction or it wont get done! Its really a great opportunity though to get involved in all aspects of the branding and really get to know the product and market.

Funny thing is, I have spoken to some people in the past at larger footwear companies and very few actually believe me when I say I do everything. As you know, in most larger companies the roles are a lot more differentiated between different departments, etc.

Here, I do the design, development and also lots of marketing functions all at once!

I will be posting some more complete project stuff up here and on my blog soon too, showing more of this end to end approach.

Can you explain more about what it means to develop a luxury soccer boot?

As a soccer player, I’m wondering what the intended experience is. They are very nice looking boots, but is it ok if I trash them on the next muddy pitch that I play on?

what are you asking about?

Lots of the development processs you can see on my blog http://www.firstpullover.com

As for wearing them on the pitch and getting them dirty, its up to you! They certainly are made for real performance and getting dirty, but how dirty and if you want to clean them depends on your preferences.


Sorry for not asking a specific question in my earlier post…

Does the laser etched pattern affect the touch and feel of the ball on the foot?

the laser etching is only a few thousands of a MM deep so. no it doesnt affect the touch or feel on the ball.


the laser etching stuff is awesome. how long does it take to do, say, a yard of material?

not sure the exact timing as it depends on the pattern and complexity, but know that the cost (alot) is done by time, not size.