707hp Dodge SRT Challenger Hellcat

I know I’m supposed to want an electric car and all, but this thing has 707hp!

OMG. jaw drop

Announced just in time for the 4th o’ July no less. Good timing.

The red is nice, but considering it’s Hellcat namesake, perhaps blue would have been a better choice?

Obscene power, 80’s music?

America at it’s finest.

Too bad it’s built on a 4200 lbs 10 year old mostly German Chassis - the worst of Germany and America combined.

I know it’s kind of nit-picky, but why is there a serifed font on the fuel cap? Everything else on the car is sans-serif…it bugs the crap out of me.

As for the weight, wow, but then again, muscle cars in my opinion have never been lean sports cars (the mustang to me looks less like a pony and more like a Clydesdale, with the 09 gt coming in at 3,950lbs ) .

That all being said, 707hp with a full factory warranty is very impressive; if this is the start of the horsepower wars, I don’t think many car guys will complain.

Thanks god they marked it fuel. Otherwise I thought it would be a place to pee on long drives.

They’re keeping it real… I love that detail.

They’re keeping it real… I love that detail.

It’s just inconsistent. Even with the heritage of the car, at the time the fuel cap was a serif font, so was almost everything else.

If there were other areas that utilized that font it wouldn’t bug me so much, but the badges are all sans-serif, the dodge logo is sans-serif. Though I haven’t looked through the interior so maybe they use it there a bit too…

The good news:

No one who purchases a Dodge product could tell you what a “Serif” is.

“That’s the guy that’s gon pull me over after they catch me speedin. The Park County Serif”

fair nuff

LOL! That is hilarious.

Thought they were called Smokey’s?

Well, you can do this with the car…

But you can’t do this…