7 year itch

i love my profession, but i’m not finding challenge at my job. i mean, the projects are generally interesting, but i find the project management and egos at the top of chain dragging the work i do into sheer boredom. i’ve worked for some decent companies and my work is ok. i guess i’m just not happy. my motivation is in the crapper, my boss is an ego-tripping blowhard, i need to change. no job would be worse.

anyone else dealt with this?

Heck yeah, I hear you! For me, nothing is worse than spending 8-12+ hours a day going to a job that makes my heart palpitate while watching the clock tick.

Everything changes - everything has a shelf life… it’s inevitable.

Good luck,

I used to have this two year timebomb thing going on - after two years I’d be bored. This is one of the reasons I went freelance, because of the variety.

2 to 4 years seems common in the design biz. I think it’s a natural pace that has everything to do with the professional designers ability to evolve far faster than any company they could work for.

Even working at a fast-paced consultency gets tired after a while if its the same old process, same old projects with the same old people.

Author/Inventor Doug Hall gave me great career advice not long after I graduated. He said when you stop learning, move on.

yes, i’ve looked at my resume and the longest i’ve been with an employer is 28 months. the one i’m at i hit 24 months this week. sigh.

man, i’d love to do this in australia.