65 lounge chair

I doodled this sketch a few weeks ago and kept thinking about it so I decided to model it up quickly last night.

Original sketch:

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actual first sketch before the blue pencil one. On an old post it note stack from the Standard Hotel that I keep in the drawer beside my bed… sometimes when I can’t sleep I think of building something in CAD and then I have to jot it down before I forget… just me?


Haha I totally understand the mid-night idea sketching! I have to put my idea down on paper because I never remember by morning time.

Your forms are stunning! I love how elegant and natural the chair feels. The material for the padding adds such a refined touch.

What did you use to CAD and render?

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Thanks so much @sykescaroline … it was modeled and rendered in Fusion 360.

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I see–I appreciate it! I hear a lot of good things about Fusion360 :wink:

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I like the mix of tools in there. It is pretty easy to make soft forms that are still controlled.

@sykescaroline a little time lapse of the CAD:

I love the idea of starting with the rounded rectangle, that’s very smart. I’m not very good at CAD so this was helpful!!

How long did it take you to make this design from sketch to render?

It took about 2-3 hours but it isn’t a very precise model, more of a sketch model.

Sometimes when building something in CAD it is good to start with a sketch model like this to get your build strategy down and then redo it with more precision once you know the path.