600D vs. other materials

I’m currently using 600D polyester and i was intrested in something that looked alittle richer while still meeting the cost and quality issue.


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It took me a moment to realize what you meant by the “D”.

I think you may have more immediate response if you post this question in the Footwear/Softgoods Forum.

There are so many options for a material better than 600D Polyester. 600D Polyester is junk.

600D Nylon will feel richer and is stronger, tougher, a little more expensive.

700D Polyester will be better than 600D Nylon.

700D Nylon will be better than 700D Polyester.

1000D Polyester will be better than 700D Nylon.

1000D Nylon will be better than 1000D Polyester.

etc, etc.

Nylon is ‘better’ than Polyester

the # before the D means thread thickness, which usually translates to ‘richness’ and ‘quality’

the higher the # the better normally.

I reserve 600D Polyester for the junk pocket lining areas of bags, if at all.

Thanks great reply! In my industry 600d is pretty standard.

How does 420d ripstop match up on everyday wear and tear vs. 600d poly

it will perform even worse than the 600D

or equal perhaps. but I’m guessing worse.

the basic rule of thumb, without getting super technical, the higher the #D, the better. Nylon is always better than Polyester of the same #.

except it has a “ripstop” weave

600D, 800D, 700D, 900D, 400D, 1000D, 1680D all are standard repeating over-under, its what you think of when you think “Nylon”

the “ripstop” has tiny squares sewn in, so, get this, when you start to rip, it will stop at the square, rather than continue