6 month Review

I have my 6 month review in a few weeks. Can anyone give there experiences or tips to help me out? Should I be putting together any presentation stuff? Hope to get some advice.

I say you can never be too prepared, make a list of all your accomplishments, responsibilities, and new skills you’ve become awesome at. It’s better when you can give specific examples of projects which were big successes or demonstrated your value and ability. I would compile a thorough list and continue to look it over, add details, and try to memorize it.

Also, there are always weaknesses, so if you are aware of where they might ding you, you can write up a response for how you might answer to the issue (I have shown improvement and continue to work on improving).

It’s sort of like preparing for an interview - you memorize your strengths, figure out what you would say your weakness is (I work too hard!), and figure out what to say to “where do you want to be in 5 years”.

Definitely make a list if you haven’t! I started a journal the first day I started, just to keep track.