52 pages in folio -any idea, opinion, any input?

I was wondering how many projects (pages) would be appropriate to have in the folio…
I know that the politically correct answer would be “quality is more important than quantity”…

But my question is

I have 7 projects (52 pages) in my folio, about 40 pages from school projects and the rest came from my internship.
Are these too little, too many or proper? any idea, opinion?

Please any input would be great help…

are they all shit hot? and are they all different? if not pick the best between two project that are very similar. why dont you post some stuff up so we can see a few pics.

Make a portfolio in which you can exchange pages and choose depending on the prospective client-employer.
I mean, decide what does every one of the projects say about you, (you are very technical, you know about shapes and emotional design, you are good at making color ranges and material applications, you pay attention to details, you can do a series of objects that relate to each other in terms of family features…) and decide what do you want to say to the guy (or to rather what do you want your portfolio to say about you).
From then, keep it simple, present 3/4 projects and keep the rest in your bag, in case, but you honestly really shouldnt put that much info, even though your projects are amazing, no one is going to stand that, guaranteed. ( 3 pages per project should do it??)
Please do post some examples,
Best of luck.

Thank you for a comment.
What do mean by ‘Present 3/4 projects’ …You mean 3/4 pages, or 3/4 projects? Or both?

I mean 3/4 projects, 3 pages each. Try to make them as schematic and self-explanatory as possible.
The “quality over quantity” as you say, looks like a cliche, but it really does apply,
try to put yourself in the employer’s shoes, and think if honestly you would stand the whole portfolio review (taking into account that there are other guys trying to get your attention as well).
Don’t give him a chance/reason to think “i’m bored” , rather keep him wanting more. (I know it sounds easyer than it is).
One last random advice, some people might end up being annoying when they talk too much, and also when they belive their own <> (you know what I mean by that, all of us do it sometimes) too much, listen well and answer the questions and keep it sharp.

Very good point!
I am ‘re-arranging’ my folio by your advice. Thank you so much for help.