500sheets / 20lbs.

I want to draw freely.
With no constraints.
To free my mind.
To open my eyes.
To discover new things.
To relearn old things.
To persevere.
To be disciplined.
To improve.
To be me.

Be critical.
Be brutal.
Be honest.
Be real.

I need your directions.
I need your help.
Please help me.
Thank you.

500sheets / 20lbs.
Lets do this!




Get a scanner. :slight_smile:

But it looks good.

Great start! Definitely get a scanner it looks like you faxed your sketches!
Might help to if you give approximate times for each sketch as well
Keep em coming!

HAha, maybe i did fax it!
lol, yea i wish i had a scanner on me,
but dont got one at the moment.

I’m not to worried or concerned about how fast or slow i can sketch.
I want to learn how to improve my “skills.”
Like perspective, refinement, accuracy, and stuff.

Here’s more!




This is a great concept. And I actually like how you’re presenting it. It gives a bit of depth to the line sketch, like you’ve just added a simple gradient to the background. The sketches themselves look pretty great. The grill work on #4 is nice, but it feels a bit a awkward towards the rear. Looking forward to following your progression.

Haha, a beautiful mistake?
Yea i think the attention to detail in #4 really pops it out.
Yea, i also was thinking the rear looked a bit funky, but its great to get confirmation on that!
Thanks, and I also look forward to learning more from you.




007 & 009, was a bit of an experiment.
I tried to step a small and tiny step out of my comfort zone.

i was actually intending on doing this after i read this interview with… lugnegard (sp?) and how he said they took newsprint pads and bandsawed them in half and drew 200 cars a week.

but looking good… they’re all kind of… cute. even the aggressive ones have stubby proportions. looks good, but just something i noticed.

HA i could do that!

Anyways, so work on proportions?
Yea, your right, they look a bit… cute and stubby.
Thanks for the heads up!

Today’s Post!




I don’t think I will be updating tomorrow.
Need rest from work.
I will probably sleep early, most likely as soon as i get home from work.
So expect the next batch of sketches for Thursday.

Gave up over a year ago, came back to give it another shot, to continue where i left off.

Heres sketch #13, done yesterday w/ a ballpoint pen.

AHAHHA that’s awesome!!
Get it done in the next few years plenty of time :wink:







I am pretty surprised with the quality of these 2 sketches. (Btw, they aren’t the same car) Well first off, I stay far away from markers as I can, cuz it is extremely difficult for me to use them… which is actually why I should practice more with them! But, aside from that, I am fairly pleased with these 2 sketches. I spent some quality time on these 2 and I think it shows. Would love some feedback on these 2 and how they compare with the previous sketches.

Oh, and wheels are hard! >___<



I guess I just needed to draw slower and pay more attention to what lines I was putting down.
In the ZONE right now.


So cute! When I first started on this sketch, I was afraid it would turn out hideous. But I just kept at, drawing lightly to figure out what kind of design to do. I’m pretty happy with the end result and I think it has a Nissan cube like feel to it.

lol, friends say it doesn’t look cute…

O wells. Ill just keep at it!

Definitely your best sketches yet. Take your time and sculpt on the page… and the markers seem to be helping you to breath some more life into them. Try to thing of sketching forms more than sketch lines. Sometimes it helps to use a 10% greay marker to actually sketch with then come back with pen lines on top. Or use the side of a prisma pencil instead of the tip.

Thanks yo!

Can you elaborate a little bit more on sketching forms instead of sketch lines? I’m guessing that you mean to think of the entire form of the subject of interest as to just throwing down lines… but a clearer understanding will be great. Also, what are some exercises I can do for sketching forms?



Referenced from photo from Google images.

You are progressing really fast ! Respect !

That is what practice will do. Keep up the volume. I knew someone that kept a stack of paper and some markers on his kitchen table. Everyday when he woke up he would put the coffee on and do at least one sketch before breakfast. If you can do that almost everyday, that is 300+ sketches right there.

top one is more of a sketch for capturing gesture and character intent.

bottom one is more descriptive of the actual form and geometry.

There’s a time and place for both, just be conscious of it.