5 minutes?

Dear all,

I am currently working my way through a career change. ID is a field that has really grabbed my interest for a number of reasons: the opportunity to apply creative ideas to solving problems; project based work; the multidisciplinary nature of the work; the challenge of great product vs. profitable product etc.

I’ve read lots of the posts and there are clearly lots of people here with great ideas and a good insight into the profession.

Is there anyone working as a designer, who could spare me a few minutes for a quick chat about their work, the good and the bad, the real life of a designer?

I’d be really grateful for any help - there is nothing like hearing for real what it’s all about.



I am always willing to give a helping hand. i am still in school-but have 2yrs experience as a footwear designer if you need anything just email me or AIM me-usually busy with wrk and school til about this time but will get back to you asap-

hope the transition works out-agreed there are many experienced and talented people on this forum, that I am sure would help.


I hate my life…

Well… the work is fun- but you have to love rejection. Most of your concepts and ideas are initially thrown out. It’s part of the process…