5 mins Questionnaire for Freelance Designer

Notice for Freelance Designer worldwide:

Questionnaire: Electronic Marketplace for Fashion Business Development

Details: The purpose of this questionnaire is to investigate the needs and acceptance of both selling and acquiring fashion design services within electronic marketplace

It only takes 5 mins, please share your opinion with the designer! Please forword to prospective designers. View the result and know more about the topic!

:smiley: Thanks you very much!

Sorry you don’t have an email, but you might want to correct the english on this question:

What is the freelance working gives you more than a permanent role?

Also, what country are you from? Would you like non-fashion designers to submit your survey?

Thanks for your comment, as the questionnaire the part of the whole, my topic is the " how electronic marketplace benefit freelance designer ". I am in Hong Kong and my email will be shown after you done the questionnaire, every one could view the result, please forward to someone prospective, thanks.

I filled in your questionnaire, but I didn’t really understand a lot of the questions. You also didn’t give the opportunity to tick more than one box - i.e. - I charge both per hour or per project, I give the client the choice.

Thanks for your help to fill in the questionnaire. As I want to know what is the most important choice for each question, you could only chick 1 choice per time. If you feel hardly to make your choice, just select the most important one. Thanks for your help again. :smiley:

If you are freelance Designer, please fill out this questionnaire.

Everyone conduct this questionnaire could view the result when they finished it.
I am a student and this is my academic research.
The reason for conduct this research is knowing how electronic marketplace helps freelance designer promote their career and how much they know how to have a good use though the on-line website, search engine for on-line marketing.
The community will benefit the questionnaires result and freelancer will know more about how to work as a freelance successful such as setting a right pricing, doing right on-line marketing, spending reasonable time to get a greater incomes.

All the result are open to public

Call for Freelancer to fill in the questionnaite!!!


Freelance Professional, please come and fill it out:



Since you’ve asked so many times, I finally filled out your survey. I’m not sure that my answers are useful (or even true to my situation), since I was confused by most of the questions. I’ll elaborate.

17: What’s an “exclusive” project level?
18: What if I communicate online with clients but get all my clients through word-of-mouth or other offline means?
20: What’s the difference between “Personal Website” and “HTML Publishing”?
21: what’s the difference between “Exchange the idea easily” and “Spreading creative Ideas”?
22-40: Some of these might be irrelevant (not applicable) to your responders. So, answering that knowledge is “extremely bad” isn’t accurate.
43: What’s communication software in this context, if not an email client (41)?
47: Is a head set really one of the “required facilities”?
51: Are you seriously asking about my knowledge of my cell phone? It might be more useful to ask how often I need to use it to conduct business.

I admire your initiative, but you’re probably getting some random answers because people don’t understand the questions.

Thanks for your comment, I will explain it in my reseach.

Call for Freelancer to fill in the questionnaite!!!