5 min survey on product design - 58 more responses needed!

Hello all,

I’m a masters student at Cambridge University. We’re working on a project which assesses the use of environmental impact tools in commercial product design processes. Basically, we’re trying to figure out what environmental tools designers are using, and why.

More information can be found at www.ginkgoproject.com
Or take the 5 minute survey (and maybe win $100 to Amazon.com!) here:

We’re looking for anyone associated with product design processes (designers, managers, marketing, executive, etc.) in any company that does product design (manufacturer/retailer or consultancy). And we’re looking for people that work in companies where environmentalism is anywhere from nonexistent to highly prevalent.

In other words, we are seeking widespread participation. The response so far has been great, but we still need a few more replies to complete the study.

Thanks in advance for helping us understand the state of environmentalism in design. And good luck winning that 100 bucks!


49 left to go, thanks to those that have offered their perspective (and 5 min),

Only 38 more, folks, thanks so much for the help!