4th Year Portfolio

Hi, I am a 4th year Industrial Design student from Carleton University (Ottawa). I made this portfolio last year, but I want to update it and improve it because I will start looking for a job soon. So, I really need some objective feedback. I have a couple projects that I want to add but before I do that I would like to hear some opinions on what I could do better.


Angel Leonardo Guerrero

Nice. Clean. Like it.

I think that perhaps you should show your process for each project and not just your final model, although I like the simplicity of your presentation.

Good job.

Same comment as above. I really dig the DeWalt Lux light.


Welcome to the boards. By putting your work up here you will only get better. Over all like mentioned it looks nice. It is very simple, flows nicely, and you have a decent range of products represented. There are however a few things that I would suggest changing or updating.

First, Like others mentioned there is no process shown for each of you products. The designs look good, but how did you get there. Show me your sketches, your research, process maps, mood boards, and so on. Without this I don’t really stop on any of the designs and analyze them because I don’t really understand where the design came from. An employer is going to want to see how you think, what your skills are as well as what your finished designs look like. This is not represented in your portfolio.

Second, I do see that you have a separate section for 2D, but the disconnect from your showcase design projects does not make sense to me and the sketches that you have shown in your 2D section don’t really give me any info on how you work as a designer. I like to see process sketches, exploratory sketches of the how the user may use the product, how the parts of the product interact with each other or are assembled, and anything else that you may have thrown down on paper while designing your products. This is the same with your 3D work. How does it fit your projects?

Third, If you are going to put an “About” section on your website I want to learn something about you. Tell me that you are a third year student looking for an internship doesn’t tell me anything about you. At least give me your resume. This is the perfect opportunity to show where you went to school, what country you are from, did you study abroad, etc…

Like I mentioned before, I think you are off to a good start. With a little bit of attention to those details, connecting some of the dots and showing some process you should have a pretty nice portfolio. Keep it up and keep us updated.

Thank you so much for your advice and comments!!
Very clear! … It will help me a lot for sure. I will be working on this the next couple of weeks. When I’m done I’ll definitely show you guys.

Thanks again