40% scale car model

Hi all,

I made this 40% car model of the Cobra using Styrofoam and covered it in plastic. Does anyone have an alternative to using a plastic coating for the car model? I’m looking for some feed back.


Kim Gruber

A lot of people use fiberglass or resin over CNC foam for transport models. Can get a very good surface finish.

It’s kind of unrelated, but I found your website very confusing and to be honest, quite amateur. It could be good for your business to get it overhauled. Same goes for a lot of the renders.

i remember it is possible to coat this kind of foam with epoxy resin.
but probably best for you to try with some samples first.

Hi Kim Gruber, What’s your project going on? Your car model is a big. 1/10 ,1/12 are comom.

some information need to be know.
1, what kind of car model are you making? toy or RC car model or what? It will effect the choose of manufacutre process.
2, how many cover do you need? Usually, we use blister producing this cover. different quantity choose different mold.

David Chen

Boy, is it me, or that just really not good at all!

it doesnt see ifself as a design company…
“Millit 5 has over 20 years of Engineering, Manufacturing and Milling Experience”

I find that various blue foams and epoxy resins tend to react very differently, even with some dissolving the foam and effectively ruining your model. Be very careful on what you decide to do, use lots of test samples and be sure to leave them for 24 hours at least to see the effect.


Yikes! The site looks like it hasn’t been touched since 1996. The only thing missing are flashing “Under Construction” animated gifs!

A tip to the site owner: If you’re going to advertise yourself as a professional rendering service, do a bit of research.