4 million $ Futurliner

A Futurliner built in the 50’s was sold for 4 million $US :open_mouth: at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. That bus was restored in Canada, Quebec. It was used as a phone companie promotional vehicle in Montreal. It was repainted to stock form for the sale. Talking about a good investment.

Here a pict before it was repainted.

beautiful… I normally don’t subscribe to adages like “they don’t build them like they used to”, but they don’t make them like this anymore!

niiiice. glad they did the fido script on the side period-style. a new logo woulda killed it.

too bad they didnt follow through and do the same chrome logo treatment on the front and rear.

never seen that style bus before, but i like. i have a thing for old cars and chrome. i DO believe “they dont make em like they used to!”


That bus would make a killer motorhome for someone. I can’t believe $4 million at Barrett-Jackson though. I guess even the strange ones get big bucks there. Although, it must have cost a fortune restoring it, every replacement part would have to be custom built!

Actually, the owner was looking for a motorhome until he saw a for sale ad in Hemmings. There is some articles about the restoration. Go to yahoo or google, Futurliner.

Kind of establishes the Futurliner a early “retro”.

Guess this explains the ‘dualies’ up front.
Note the bright, horizontal “T” structure above the vehicle; an extendible “light bar”.

A fleet of twelve toured together; an interesting read for Sunday afternoon.


To be honest it doesn’t really do anything for me. Give me a Dymaxion instead anyday!