3W/5W Hi Power LED...

Hi All,
I have been seeing lots of new products featuring hi power LED, but none of them seem to really make a good use out of them. Nothing has striked me as a :"W WOW that’s a really cool application for this technology!”

Has any of you seen something really interesting or really different done with this?
I know cost is still an issue, but…

Any thoughts? Or any good product that I might have mised?



In the bicycle world, light & motion has been doing some cool things. Aesthetically, not the best but they work great.

There are some very bright LED’s coming from China that screw into normal
light sockets. I know these have been around awhile but the new ones are much brighter and use less LEDs.

These Black Diamond lanterns use similiar leds 3 watt and 1 watt. Maybe not “blow your mind innovative” but they blow every other lantern away.