3rd Year, Web Portfolio

I’m a 3rd year ID at Georgia Tech. I finished putting up the site a few weeks ago, and I’m about to start on my first real revamp.

Any thoughts or critiques are appreciated and will definitely help in the next iteration.



Hey Eddie,

Great site first and foremost. I’m very impressed with how simple and easily navigable it was. it loaded FAST and everything was really slick and professional. I feel like that’s exactly what an ID website should be. Very clean and usable, yet everything still looked great.

Now the content - all your projects were very well presented. Everything was clear to me, and all the elements flowed together really well in each project. Some areas I think could use improvement are as follows:

Bike Project: beautiful visuals but not enough focus on the innovation, and how what you did was different. I understand you have a modular locking system but it wasn’t really emphasised that much. I know it’s very hard to innovate in cycle design though.

Lab project was good to see - it’s hard to make that kind of thing look beautiful, but you seemed to manage. Your ‘bar’ around the final appearance model seems very thick, and i don’t think that is great for manufacture. I love the aesthetic though. Oh, you could also consider visibility as well, maybe a white finish would be better than black. Oh, and you could explore more concepts to show why you chose final shape.

Plywood chair is well presented and looks bulletproof. Is it comfortable? I know it’s hard to revisit projects especially when they are real and fleshed out, but i would like the look of this more with greater variation in material - like thinner sections for the seat, thick supports…I don’t know. Remember beauty is in the eye of hte beholder - it’s totally subjective.

I don’t really rate the egg grabber. I understand it was a fast project and you look like you did it very very well, but it seems to be more of a foundation type project than a portfolio piece. I feel bad saying this but just remember I’m not the guy who will hire you just yet - i’m looking for work too!

I like your lamp and I think it’s beautiful. The photos are so inviting! It seems like a simple project but I just like it! How does it work with the Ikea fitting?

Sketches: I think your sketches would benefit from line contrast - heavier lines on the outside.maybe some shadows as well. They appear to be more concept art than product sketches though, and they show some interesting creativity. Maybe you could market them as conceptual work, do some photoshop stuff to them? I’m not really proud of my own sketches, so you can give me tips on how to improve when I post my folio up soon!

Overall: great website, you should be very proud of that. Some content could be better but overall I think it’s great. Did you do all the web work yourself? I’d like to make my personal site in a similar vein, so any tips would help.


Another Eddie