3rd year student web portfolio

During the semester I decided to make an online portfolio (just finished 3rd year). A few weeks ago I finally finished but am already considering some changes. If anyone has any feedback, good and bad. Thanks!


Your initial splash/home screen is too small, I didn’t notice the page had loaded the first time, maybe center align it and drop it down a bit? It shoved into the top left corner feels a little awkward.

The default font size is pretty tiny on my browser, I’m using firefox on a pc and I have to manually resize it.

The CNC project is impressive, it might be nice to showcase it’s capability on the same page, give us an example of something you used it for (you mention some of your work has used it, would be nicer to see those examples or link directly to them)

Overall some pretty solid work, though it would be nice to see more process work rather than just the finished product.

Good stuff though! How much did the CNC build run you?

Thanks for the feedback. Adding better/more process is the main thing I want to add overall, and have been considering changing the menu layout too.

My CNC cost under $2k, but that’s including my 1st prototype and a couple fried control boards; and a new plunge router, router bits, etc etc. Little things adds up fast.

You’ve got some very cool stuff there, but I only found 1 drawing in my journey through your site.

Need, more, drawings. Especially for things like the steering wheel and hot rod project, drawings would explain what you did much better than words… it isn’t clear enough what you started with and what you changed, and more importantly where did the changes come from.

Too many designers rely on words because they don’t draw enough, don’t be one of them. If you can’t draw well (though the one sketch you had of the chair was nice), it means you need to draw more, not less.

If I were browsing a catalog and came across your corner clock, I would seriously consider buying it. I think it is very cool. That said, with a portfolio you are not advertising the product, you are advertising your skills. I would buy that clock, but not necessarily hire you to continue designing clocks. Process work and drawings might convince me otherwise.

I may sound harsh but I mean to be helpful. Remember I do like your work :slight_smile:

Did I mention you should show more drawings?

Thanks Spizzy for your honest comments. I totally agree that I lack enough process pictures/drawings/models; that’s #1 on my to do list :smiley: