3DS Max vs Rhino

A general opinion: What do you prefer 3DS Max or Rhino for object modeling and rendering ,as a product designer ?
I have always worked on Max ,and would like to know which of the two you prefer working on in terms of ease of usage and the final outcome?

that basically comes down to difference between polygon and nurbs modelling. there are plenty of threads in the forum about this, do a search first.

personally and between those two, it’s rhino for me.

stick to what industry uses for product design. Not too many folks using 3dMax nor Maya for product design really.

Max is primarily used in the packaging and POP side of ID. We use Rhino as well. So think it would depend on what you are trying to achieve. As mentioned before they are not really comparable as one is NURBs and other is Polys. Both great in their own ways.

Max will do your rhino esk nurbs game. Not as many tools as Alias or Rhino tho.

Max is great for making pictures of things (which in the POP exhibit world is fine, because you’re showing your vision) whereas Rhino is a tool for building data that can come out into the world.

This horse has been beaten to death though, dig through the software forum and you can usually pull up one of these threads every few months.

In my experience, Max is a much bigger program, and can do more than Rhino. Whether any of the additional features in max are used by designers remains to be seen tho. you can still do perfectly good NURBS modelling in 3ds max, but it’s not quite as intuitive as Rhino.

The cost is also worth thinking about as depending on your locality, Rhino is between 1/5th and 1/10th the price of a full copy of 3ds max design. If you don’t need the complex animation, physics simulation and poly modelling of 3ds max, then go for something else.

I still prefer 3ds max but that’s because I’ve used it since the beginning. I like knowing that there’s a huge depth of features there should I choose to use them.