3DS Max question

I’m new to Max.
Does anyone know how to turn up the facets on a circular object when importing an AutoCAD file? When I import the object into Max, the tube looks real choppy. I have auto-smooth and unify normals on.

Well you can apply a meshsmooth, im not familar to using autocad and max, but if you make the object an editable mesh or poly then turn on the meshsmooth modifer you should get what u want. Look up meshsmooth in the help section if you dont know how to apply modifers

U should always mention what version of max ur using when u ask a queestion

Meshsmooth probably won’t work on the autocad file, since it will be triangles, and meshsmooth defaults to quad smoothing. You can edit this setting in the properties rollout of meshsmooth (toward the bottom) but I’m pretty sure you’ll find that it doesn’t work.

Your best bet is probably to alter the output settings of your file in autocad. Check the help files for information on “mesh output density” or “export output” and try to find a place where you can alter the “maximum angle” or something like that. When Autocad translates your file from it’s perfectly smooth internal file to a triangluated mesh, it creates curved parts using a pre-arranged “maximum angle” which it uses to construct curves out of. The closer this angle comes to 180 degrees, the more facets are allowed in a curved surface, and the smoother it becomes in MAX.

You also might be able to find similar discussions of this topic on google groups, or something if you search for “autocad 3ds-max import”