3ds max or solidworks smoothing a surface

I have a 3d scan of a human bust form that I need to smooth some surfaces on. I have the part in .stl .igs and a solidworks part format. I am running solidworks 2012 and 3ds max 2012.

Anybody have any suggestions on the best way to go about smoothing out some surfaces? I basically need to flatten out a section that looks like some bone protruding from under skin.

I tried editing mesh points with soft selection in 3ds max but there are so many points that it crashes the software. (I am running a quad core HP with 8GB ram)


Without being able to see what you are trying to do and knowing what it will be used for, it’s hard to give you the best suggestion, but I would consider using retopology tools to make the shape easier to work with, it would then be simple enough to smooth out.

Thanks for your post. Here is a front closeup view of the bust form.

In either 3ds max or solidworks I need to smooth out and flatten the sternum bone part (circled) Like I mentioned above there are way too many edit mesh points in 3ds max for it to be workable.

I then need to convert the part back to an IGES file. The edited file will then be used to make a mold for a resin casting. (Low mass production quantities.)


z-brush or mudbox and call it a day…

What is your final intent with this model. Once you know that, then work backwards to find the best software to accomplish the goal. Good Luck.

thanks masood1224. downloaded the trial for mudbox. smooth tool worked like a charm.


What version of SolidWorks are you running? If you go to Tools > Add-ins and see ScanTo3D among the list, turn it on and run through the wizards it offers. You’ll come across a smoothing step which allows both global and local smoothing based on a selection.