3DS Max 2008 crashing...Anyone else?

Just wondering if anyone else is having the hell of a time I am with Max 2008.

First Problem…

I created a large shelf set of product, saved as I went along and save multiple version of the scene as I went along. When I got in to day none of them would open. I received a message “An error has occurred and application must close.”. This has been really annoying as it has set me back a whole day of work and now I never know if my files will work. The other strange and bizarre part is that they sometimes work and they sometime don’t.

Second Problem…

I can’t close down Max. when I click on exit it just sits there and idles. I then have to press control alt delete.

Is anyone else having these problems. I just got a brand new machine and the specs are.

Core Xeon Proc 5140 2.33GHz
2GB Ram
Quadro FX 3450,256MB dual VGA or DVI, Graphics CardDell Precision X90

I would uninstall and then reinstall Max. It only takes a few minutes.