3D to paper Mockup


I would like to know if any of you have an idea bout the soft used by this Designer http://joergboner.ch (whish i like the work too) to go from 3d to high end paper mock-up like this ones?
Is Rhino or 3ds can do that?


Lamina Design might work

Thank you for you help.

I think the Lamina design seams to be a good solution!

Not very cheap unfortunatly but he does the work.

I’m not sure I understand your question, but in Rhino you can use the “unroll developable surface” command from the surface menu to help create patterns from less complex surfaces.

I’ve just started using Pepakura- pretty cool, and only $38 if you don’t need high res textures. It adds the glue tabs and everything. It would be perfect for doing this.

I meant, do we need a specific software to get the the same result or Rhino/3ds could do it?

Thank you IDiot I didn’t knew this fonction in Rhino.
I try it, not super powerfull for complex shape and working well for very easy shape, any way that will be very helpfull.

I might try Pepakura, not super precise as Lamina design but cheap.

Thank you.