3d texture mapping

i need some help with a 3d rendering package that supports 3d texture mapping. i’ve reviewed most of the main candidates : 3dsmax+vray, rhino+vray, bunkspeed hypershot, cinema 4d etc… with the conclusion that 3dsmax+vray is the best option for us.

i’m currently developing housewares, tableware and bathroom products and because i work with textile and pattern designers, i sometimes need to render these products photoreal with texture wrapping. under most rendering packages, this is accomplished relatively easily by placing your decal or displacement map. however, i develop a lot of complex organic shapes where 3d texture mapping is required and it seems 3dsmax (+vray) is the only package successfully able to do this. i really wish rhino+vray could do this but even in the newer versions, it is just not there yet. it’s hard to explain to management the extra $4k for 3dsmax+vray vs. rhino+vray.

anybody had any similar experience in this area ? any other rendering systems out there capable ? i would rather wait until mcneel/asgvis fixes this in rhino (i really like that system, surfacing and price and it works well with solidworks which i currently use) but we need to move forward on this quickly.

What you’re really talking about is the ability to edit UV maps (how the texture is mapped directly onto a surface).

Max or Maya would probably be your best bets. Maya could be useful as it has better NURBS support then Max, but you’d have to get very comfortable with Mental ray as a renderer. Mental ray is very powerful, but not as easy as Vray.