3D Software - Marine Conceptual Design

Hi all!
Which is the best 3D-tool for marine conceptual design? Alias is too expensve for my company, we are thinking of either Rhino or Think3 Styling. Rhino’s lack of construction history is a big disadvantage - but its “marine-plugin” an advantage I guess. Any ideas folks?

Cheers, K

I would go Rhino for sure, version 4 has a primitive History capability. Rumors are floating around that the next version will be more advanced…


All in all Rhino is a great CAD program to use, and seems to be a standard in marine design?

I’ve been using cobalt then concept unlimited, now it’s called shark.

I like this software a lot. I tried rhino demo and with out shelling and history I can’t understand why it’s so popular.

Punch software merged or bought concepts unlimited and they introduced a very inexpensive version. I still use the higher priced version but I think the basic one still has quite solid base of features. History and shelling pretty good surfacing and easy to use.

for 100 bucks how can you not try it.