3D sketch exercise

Another good exercise.

Its been discussed here earlier “3d vs. sideview” sketches for footwear. I for one normally sketch in side view. I always found it quicker and easier to work out a design without having to worry about the perspective being correct.

I’ve been inspired recently, however, while working on a new project to give 3D another chance. I figured the reverse of my normal procedure (thinking only about perspective, not worrying about form) would be interesting to try and might get my confidence up on 3d footwear sketching.

To feel more comfortable with sketching in 3d, I did an exercise to sketch as many 3d views as possible (both upper and outsole) focusing only on the form, not design, while playing around with a few markers.

Without being limited to thinking about design, after a few hours of the above, I do feel progress. My eye for perspective i think has improved, and perhaps in the future will mix it up a bit more.

Give it a shot, and feel free to post the results here. Would be interesting to see some different techniques.



Ps. sketches were done with pencil and a few Copic markers on letter sized laser copy paper, about 3 drawings per page. put everything together in Photoshop, with no adjustment except for tweaking the levels to make the white paper white. about 1.5 hours of sketching, with a few pages ending up in the trash.

For me it depends on what I’m trying to do. If doing something that requires a 3/4 I usually start by sketching the last, sometimes I take a quick photo of a last or shoe and use it as an underlay.

Hi rkuchinsky

Just did it after i saw your post. Good practice.

the sketches look like they are soccer cleats, so you are designing for new soccer cleats?

i saw the north korean kits by hummel in the u20 world cup today, they look nice, and the silver+red 8.4s too

yup, im now working on a soccer project.

i didnt see N. Korea kits. Hopefully though would like to make it to some of the U20 games. Its in Toronto where i live!

Dunno which shoes they were wearing…you have any pics … ???


here are the photos of the silver+red 8.4s (they are 8.4 right?)
looks like there are quite a few n. korean players wearing them

the u20 world cup is taking place here in vancouver too, and the matches and practices are actually very close to my school!

Thanks for the pics. sorry to hijack the thread.

i dont think those are the 8.4s. Look like some boots that were made for the Japan market by our Japanese licensee. I’ll see if i can find out more :wink: