3d Sculpting Software Help

Hi All,

Does anybody out there 3d sculpt? I really want to learn how to 3d sculpt and be able to incorporate it into my skill sets but I don’t know what the ideal set up is for software / hardware (sculpting stylus? mouse? Z Brush? Mud? Modo?)

I am an industrial designer with experience in the décor / toy industries and these programs could help. I currently work in Solidworks and Rhino and would like some input on if those sculpting programs and if they import seamlessly into engineering / cad software.

I’ve been reading a lot on the blogs but it’s hard to tell what is salesmanship vs. real posts. Please help.


I’m so glad you have posted this. I was literally on Core77 to post a similar question, and thought I’d check the recent forum posts at the bottom of the new front page!!

I’m in a similar position. I’ve been using Rhino and SolidWorks as a product guys for ages, and have built countless designs that have gone into production using those amazing tools. Now I’d like to be able to build some characters that will be all sculpting.

I’m leaning more towards either Maya, or 3DS Max since I’m an educator and can use those non-commercially for free. But, since Autodesk bought them both, I don’t know what industries they each serve. These used to compete, and I’m sure they still do but it’s hard to figure out why to choose one over the other.
Then there is T-splines which I could use inside Rhino, but is that an appropriate software? Modo or Z-Brush seem attractive, but are they better than the Maya or Max?

I love the character work being done by A Large Evil Corporation and the image I’ve posted is an example of types of modeling I’d like to do. They use SoftImage, which I’ve read is being discontinued, so that doesn’t make sense to invest time in.

Thanks for reading this long winded add on to bpovich’s thread.

I’ve recently heard from geo magic and it seems like they have a pretty good software (according to the sales guy). Anybody have any thoughts on this? Geo magic includes a haptic device which seems very cool. Is a haptic device necessary for sculpting in 3d?


I’m kind of interested in this too. I’ve been watching all the ads for tutorials in this space from gnomon workshop, but haven’t been able to invest the time in anything.