3D Screen Extrator

All most all of you have seen Google Earth and how it can display 3D buildings for som cities. There is a new software up and coming that is still in developement at this point but it is usable right now.


You can use this in conjunction with this

What this allows you to do is extract the 3D of anything being shown on your screen and creates usable 3D data. In others words its a print screen to the next level. If you play Doom, WOW, or Myst, you can capture that and bring it into Maya, 3D Max, Rhino, Solidworks… doesnt matter.

Like I said,it is a WIP so its not just one button and go, but this just opens up a whole new way of using whats out there.

I stay in touch with the programmer of OGLE. My hijacking of some data last year and porting it to Pro/E turns out to be the inspiration for his new tool (better than what I did). It works well, but it doesn’t grab the UV map yet (I expect that will come soon). When it does, I’ll hopefully be showing something kind of interesting.

And it goes solid in CAD btw: Prims Gone Solid | reBang