3D Scanning to CAD - MeetUp

If anyone is in the tristate area and is looking to learn more about 3D Scanning…definitely comes through Nov 16th.

Topics we will cover

  • 3D Scanning to CAD: by Arthur Young-Spivey; Creative Director/Business Development of Direct dimensions

Direct Dimensions specializes in capturing objects from the real world and pushing them for any type of downstream applications. From reverse engineering, to art objects for museums, to anything else.

  • 3D Scan Data Workflow in SolidWorks - An Automotive Example - by Simon Indrele

Director of Research & Development at Fabspeed Motorsport
The Fabspeed team uses 3D scanning to design, engineer, dyno develop, custom solutions for exotic cars. Fabspeed collaborates with Race Engine builders and Tuners from Italy, Germany, and USA to develop the Ultimate Performance parts.

3D Scanning to CAD

Maybe you could be more specific about which tri-state area you’re talking about.

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