3D Scanning-Have you used anyone?

We are looking into purchasing a 3D scanner at work, I have been chosen to research the project and make reccomendations. There will be 3 groups using the scanner, The gauge building group, QC and design. These same groups also use our Eden 500v 3D printer and we plan on printing the scans. We will be scanning things from forks to crockpots in size. Currently I am looking at a GOM brand ATOS “white light” scanner in 2 megapixles.
CMM, contact, non contact and self contained scanners are the main focus right now.

What have others used or bought?

We have a z corp z scan and an artec scanner at work. We use Geomagic for post mesh cleanup / orientation. How much do you want to spend?

$300K. We have narrowed it down to the ATOS and an LDI Surveyor ZS series. For what we want to scan the laser is able to get in areas the “structured light” (was called “white light” but they use blue LED’s now) may not be able to get there. We are having a product scanned and will see which suits us better. Both come with GeoMagic software, which seems to be the industry standard.

Hey Devonshire, my name is Tim from EMS and we use a wide range of technology that I think you might be interested in learning about. Shoot me an email if you’d like to discuss further timmackeyems@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help.