3D Rendering


im currently in the process of buying some 3D software for rendering my products. im used to using 3D studio max from my time as a student. But i think it is too expencive…

So my question is: Do you know any good alternatives, that is cheap???

I already have bought a licence to SolidWorks, so i wont be needing any real modeling features in the program, only the rendering part…


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You might be able to get a student release of Studio Max.
I use it here at work and it’s the best IMHO

Moray / Povray

BTW, mine at work is a full license of Max, so it is quite expensive.
I think around $3600

might check the S&T forum. i’ve posted a listing of renderers there. and a Search in the forum gets you quite a few others which aren’t free (like my list) but are low cost.