3d programs and engineering programs for product designers.

I’m fairly new to the product design game and I’m wondering if a product designer is typically expected to know modelling programs (like Rhino, 3dmax, etc.) and also know the engineering programs (like Pro E or CAD Tools)?

I currently work only in Rhino and I know it’s preferable to know everything but is it expected in order to get a job in product design. I get by by only doing Rhino in my current situation but I’m not sure if that is untypical in other job situations. I currently work in the Toy/Consumer Products Industry.

Any thoughts from the veterans and pros?

this has been discussed a lot, but basically you should try to learn a surfacer CAD package like Rhino or StudioTools as well as a parametric type like Solidworks or ProE. Chances are the place you want to work with will use something different, but just having exposure to both major types will be a plus

I have recently considered trying to learn about 4 different programs because so many companies will use a different one than you’ve already learnt… I am only familiar with 3Ds Max, probably better for animation and renders than actual modelling but hey i didnt know until i had spent hours on the thing…

I think solidworks is more for engineering, so if your looking at actually manufacturing, this is more accurate (or easier to get things right). This is what i was told so it could be wrong…

If you want some nice renders of visual representations then it may be easy in rhino with cinema 4d, or 3ds max…

Thanks for the input. I think you convinced me to take some engineering classes to learn more and say I did it. I think of myself as more of a concept and product design vs. a engineer but I would like to be able to do it all.

As a designer you can really get away with not taking any sort of engineering or math classes in college but I feel the programs should really let you know that it is important if your going into product design. Get em next time, right. LOL