3D program for furniture scenes, rooms

What is the best program for conceptual rendering of a collection of furniture, like a whole office and other interiors. It seems that most ‘ID’ programs are suited for one product only. And architectural programs might be a little overkill.

The program isn’t for engineering so it does’t require all the details (doesn’t need to be photorealistic either), just enough to visualize the scene accurately, so lighting is important.

The point of the renderings is to show how it fits in the environment. The reason I think 3d software is better than good hand sketching/rendering in this situation is because a lot of the existing furniture geometry can be imported and reused in the scene along with the new product. Also different views and configuration will be rendered as well.

The program should be able to transfer geometry between solidworks but it’s not an abosulte must.

what do you think? I think Autodesk VIZ (almost like 3d studio MAX) seems like a good solution but I’ve never used it before so I thought I’d ask around first.


I highly recommend it

Without a doubt I would recommend 3DStudio (Max or Viz, both are nearly identical) with VRay as your renderer. If you google Vray you can see their site and some of their sample works, but it’s simply a brilliant renderer for interior scenes.

You can always model your geometry in a program of your choice and then import it into Max for your tweaking. In an Interior Design render I had to do (in a very tight deadline) I did all of the modelling in Sketchup and then exported it to render in Maya. Sketchup is great for quick mockups, with more detail to be added in a more complete program.

Autodesk MAX/Viz.

As I said in another thread, I’ve been designing furniture fro 6 years and have used Rhino (and Viz) just as long.

It is my understanding that 3D Studio VIZ was created specifically for the needs of architects and interior designers. Though it is not my preference (I work mostly in product), it sounds like it would be good for you. The established user base in those fields may benefit you as well when it comes time to ask for help from other users.

How long would it take to learn form-z compared to VIZ? Which renders faster (Viz probably has network rendering but lets say we can’t)?