3d Printing with Nylon

Anyone out there have experience 3d printing with nylon and a recommendation for a solid printer that can handle it? It looks like the biggest requirements are a hot end that can hold a 240-degree temperature and a heatable bed. Anything else to look for? Many thanks.

I’ve printed with Nylon (Taulman 910) on my Taz 5. It works well. It prints at like 250+
Any FDM with an all metal hot would work as well. I just lay blue painters tape on my heated bed and coat that in PVA.

Other than that theres not much else to it.

Also a Taz 4 will handle it well if you can find a place to buy one. A heated bed with glue stick will work. The more uniform the cooling, the better so you may want to modify the fans. Overall I recommend the Ultimaker 2.

Thanks, guys. For a machine that can handle this, it looks like you’re in the $1500-$2500 range. Does that sound right?

Pretty much. From my quick google search a Flash Forge Creator Seems to hold up to this. And that’s under 1,000 k. Seems well rated.

But I’d say yeah 1,500 - 2,000 seems like a good range that will get you a dialed in machine. I also would recommend either an Ultimaker 2 or the Taz. Never had a problem with either. Taz is open source so there a ton of good community around it, and the Ultimaker is just an overall solid machine, just a tad bit pricier.

You can most likely get away with a cheaper machine and upgrade the hotend to an all metal one. Like this http://e3d-online.com/E3D-v6/Full-Kit not a lot of people are in the mood to spend a few days tweaking hardware/software settings to get it working.

Although the Flash Forge printers are a bit less reliable, I second them as good machines. Also consider the Dreamer, it will print nylon as well and saves you even more on budget. For flexible filaments, you will need to modify the extruder.