3D printing in Bronze with i.materialise

Hello everyone,

Many of you probably heard about 3D printing technologies and different materials used for 3D printing. Last week we launched 3D printing in bronze. At the moment we are limiting the production to bronze statues, and it is interesting to hear what you guys think about it:

As a third step, the 3D print is used to create a mold for casting the bronze statue, according to ancient casting techniques.

So it’s actually cast and not 3D printed in bronze? Meh…

Once we have a 3D file ready for production, we use 3D printer to produce a model, which is later used for casting of the final product. Basically, 3D printing and casting procedures are both utilized.

The entire process is more complicated then that though, but I hope you get the basic idea.

I think the closest thing to printing in bronze that you can get right now is Shapeways’ printed stainless steel (http://www.shapeways.com/materials/stainless_steel), which is actually a mixture of steel and bronze powder that’s printed and then sintered.

For what it’s worth, if it’s quick and detailed, does it really matter if the part or the tooling was the one that was printed?

The technology is very different, which influences the quality and the price of the final product.

To learn about the technology they are using visit…


also here is a video that kind of shows it as well.

The process is called Direct Metal Laser Sintering or DMLS - GPI Prototype is the experts in this arena!

Tim Ruffner

No of course not. The day I need something made out of bronze this will be a great opportunity. My reply may have seemed somewhat unprofessional, but I was overwhelmingly disappointed by entering a thread titled “3d printing in bronze” and seconds later found it was actually “ancient cast techniques”. My interest here was more in the technology rather than result, didn’t mean to divert the discussion.

With enigo on this one.
I also was found the thread title misleading.


We definitely did not want to mislead anybody with the thread title. 3D printing technology is used during the process, but the final step of the process is indeed casting.

If there are any questions about the technology, we’d be happy to answer.

You want the bronze 3d printed lol Use the DMLS process. Fully dense parts that dont have to be infiltrated that is done additively. :slight_smile: