3D Printer for headphones and electronics

I’m looking for a 3D printer specifically for headphones, tablets, MP3’s, and other electronics.
Any recommendations for SLA or other types and price. thanks

Are you just using this for development purposes or trying to create a small run product? Assuming you’re in the USA…

I generally use www.quickparts.com for SLA and cast urethane. (mostly because I’m lazy and impatient) They have automated quoting and are pretty reliable in quality and delivery. I’m not a fan of their injection molding or CNC prices though.

www.rapidsheetmetal.com for fast sheet metal and CNC (still a little pricey) with limited finish options.

www.shapeways.com if you are planning some type of small for-sale run. (to be honest I haven’t used them yet)

www.protomold.com has rapid quoting with great part analysis, low tooling prices, and wicked fast delivery, but they are pricey on per piece price and their tooling is not transferable.

There are probably a plethora of Chinese companies that would help you realize your larger scale goals as well, but I have no experience there to help you, sorry.

Need more information on exactly what you are trying to do, materials, quantities, budget, etc. They don’t make printers specifically for product types, they make them based on materials and quality/resolution. If you want prototypes then there are a variety of machines that will work: 3D Systems and Objet being the larger 2 companies in the US that have printers, and then there are SLA/SLM/SLS machines, which aren’t printers, but will create parts in a variety of materials. Are you trying to buy a printer or do you need parts printed?