3D Printed Organ Puzzle

Hi everyone. I just finished adding a big project to my portfolio, and I thought it might be interesting to some people on this forum.

I invite you to follow this link to learn more about the project. I have also attached them to the post.


Replying because of 3 attachment limit.

Replying because of 3 attachment limit.

Thanks again for looking!

Hello Jordan

This is a fantastic 3D printing project!
Of course there are many 3D anatomical models available, but hardly any of them are optimized to be a 3D printed product.
So it’s great work that you are doing.

I have several friends who are general practice doctors and are interested in such a model.
Are you going to make the model available?
Can it be printed on a desktop consumer 3D printer?
I can print several of them on an Ultimaker and give you feedback on printability and design if you want.

Looking forward to hearing from you.