3D print my shoebox (need help)...

Any designers on this site own or operate a 3D printer? I am familiar with shapeways and various sites, but I want to work directly with someone that owns a 3D printer as I want to work on a more one on one basis. I can pay you personally to 3D print miniature versions of this:


I’m trying to sell and “pitch” this concept to Nike and Adidas… The design is “patent pending”… Any and all advice/3D printing vendors/or 3D artist that want to assist on this project are more than welcome to contact me here:

chris (at) cirquemedia (dot) com

I’ve been working on this project for the last 3 months in my sparetime. Check out my site for more info and how this packaging goes far beyond just shoes. However, it’s designed for shoes and I’ve worked directly for Nike and Adidas and have a few client contacts that might assist in getting this made. I need samples, physical 3D printed samples to send off.

With a simple product like this, wouldnt it be easier to make one out of cardboard? Its cheap, and would be a good experience in trying to figure out the manufacturability of it (fold patterns, etc). I think a package engineer would be a good person to chat with in order to get the real details (a lot of universities have programs, and this would be a good project for one of the students.) With the amount of shoe boxes these major companies make, they are going to want to know why yours will work best (cheaper, more eco friendly) for them other than being shaped different.

^^^^^^ What he said.

Go to the internet. Find a local packaging manufacturer, there are plenty. If you are in the greater Chicagoland area, I am happy to recommend one. They will make prototypes out of the actual material instead of an SLA.


Go to Walmart. Buy some poster board, or those in the industry call it, SBS (solid bleached sulfate). Use an x-acto to cut it. Use hot glue to glue it. Laminate graphics on it. Andbobsyeruncle, prototypes.

And if you are going to make it yourself, and have access to Solid works, design the unit in sheet metal with all the needed tabs, then use the flat blank as your template to cut and fold and glue.

I agree with everyone else don’t wast your time on 3d printing if the final product is not going to be plastic…

You will get a false send of security with the overall structure and strength.

This project doesn’t make any sense.

Why would it be 3D printed? A rigid shoebox is not going to do very well in shipping. 3D printing a hollow/fat object is not going to work very well (collapse/warp), nor is it very efficient or cost effective when you can make a box out of cardboard or plastic.

There are tons of boxes already out there that have handles in some way or shape. Yours has the handle sticking out taking up a lot of packaging/carton space which costs money to ship.

Why would Nike/Adidas or anyone else license or buy your concept when there are a million ways to make a box that is smarter and more efficient.

Looks like you have a solution looking for a problem.


I quite like this, admittedly the handle does add to the size but this could be easily overcome with it being able to fold flat.

But as others have said, you could make this from mount-board and tape, and skin it in whichever graphics you wished.

Will you “pay me personally” to make cardboard versions of these, miniature or otherwise? :unamused:

There will be absolutely no value added in a 3D prototype, for ‘wow’ factor or otherwise.

I also am a bit clueless as to why you would want to 3d print these.

But if you must, maybe try http://www.3dhubs.com/

A shoebox, 3D printed 1:1 scale? Count on US$ 700-1000.