3D Photo Frame

Hi guys,

This is my first 3D printed product for shapeways, it is the 3D Photo Frame.

Have a look at the video I’ve done for the product.

And here are some pictures of it made:

Tell me what you guys think!


Arthur Ditlef

Visually and conceptually , it tickles me. To me it feels subversively youthful, kooky and light-hearted. It’ skeletal form seems to emphasize it function and I like the way it playfully dances around the question of why we use frames .
It also somehow seems to have a slightly irregular/ hand drawn feel to it which I also like. (i think this might be due to the shadows it casts?)

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It’s nice- light and immaterial.
I wonder if you could not better have it mass-manufactured, out of painted metal rods for example. Would be way cheaper probably.
Reminds me a bit of this: Howard Meister - Chairs + Benches

Painting is awesome and looks great inside the 3D photo frame. Very creative art, one cannot stop taking his eye out of it… such an amazing picture… Really appreciate your work, effort and love towards the painting. Such a wonderful heart…