3D Munsell Color System

Hey there,

how the topic says i have to build a 3 dimensional munsell color system…
i think it´s gonna look like this one

in a way
i have some ideas how to build it but the problem is that i dont have that much tools :confused:
does anyone ever did something like this and has a good idea how to hold it as simple as possible?
would be great if some of you guys could help



It all depends on what materials you use to make it, and what the requirements for the project are. What are your thinking of? There are ways of getting around the limited tools. You could select the materials based on what tools are available to you.

BTW, does anyone even use the Munsell Color System (Hue, Value, Chroma)? It seems like it’s popular to teach it in school, but I’ve never met anyone who actually uses it in the workplace. Everyone seems to use Pantone.

Pantone was created specifically for the print industry and represents the limits of pressing ink.

the Munsell system was created on the visibly detectable differences in color (to the human eye) so each color chip represents a unit of difference along the three axis.
(munsell is geared towards paint rather than Ink so it gets used quite a lot actually)

Current printing technology should reproduce the Munsell colors, so why not just print the sheets out on clear acetate?


Thanks for the info, I knew there had to be an application for it.


I don’t know about you, but there’s something about being able to mix the paint yourself and matching the colors, based on the system. We had to paint our own chips to fill in the charts when I was in school, it was pretty fun.