3D Mouse with Alias ?

Is someone using the 3D Connection “SpaceNavigator” or “SpaceNavigator for notebooks” with AliasStudio ?

It seems very pratical because you just use the left hand for panning / zooming / dollying and the right hand for the rest. Plus the “movement quality” is better when presenting.

But is it really practical as you have to switch from 3D Mouse to keyboard and back everytime you need marking menus or snapping, etc…?

Is it something you get used to or it’s just more annoying than the usual keyboard modifier keys/3mouse buttons system ?

If you have already tried please let me know !

I use the Space Navigator for Alias. I’m typically not using it full time, I can pan and zoom with the mouse for the most part just fine. But for getting to a view or specific detail that involves rotating in that third axis it’s key.

If you get the bigger version with all the buttons you theoretically don’t need to take your hand off, it has all the shortcuts for your marking menus and hot keys. I also know people who work like this.

It’s not a bad thing to have - it certainly does’t burden you more. For getting to some awkward angles it’s very very useful too, rather then trying to go into the view menu and adjust the camera twist independantly.

Thanks for your feedback !

I’m not inclined to buying the larger ones : as the R&D guys are in different places I use a laptop. I wouldn’t carry it.

Anyone else has a 3DConnection device (either small or big, old or new) and Alias ?